3 PACK Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Great food tastes even better when shared. This 3 pack provides you with three bottles of 25.4 FL Oz./750ml which is a total of 76.1 FL Oz./2.250 Liters combined.

This is the perfect healthy gift or a great addition to your kitchen packed with high levels of polyphenols, while maintaining low levels of acidity. 

The Olive Oil Cartel premium extra virgin olive oil is an award winning olive oil with high polyphenols and a low acidity level. Enjoy the taste of freshness and the buttery smoothness with a peppery aftertaste.

This olive oil elevates your dish to a higher level giving it the culinary experience that we are desire. Our family farm is located in Essaouira, Morocco, which is where the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils of Morocco are produced. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mono-varietal and come from one source. This health boosting oil provides you with the antioxidants that everyone needs in this fast-paced life. 

This is the taste of nature. 

Olive Oil Cartel

2021/2022 Season

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